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Somehow I don't think Repo Man can fix this

In a story posted in Newsweek, it was revealed that Sweden and other countries attempted to invest heavily in North Korea in the late 60s/early 70s. One example was Kim Il-Sung ordering 2000 watches from Rolex. Another big example was placing an order for 1000 Volvo 144 sedans. The idea was that North Korea’s predictions about their potential wealth in mineral and natural resource extraction and processing would pay for it. That obviously hasn’t happened, and most of those debts have gone unpaid. Each fiscal year, the Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board calculates the interest on the brick-debt, and this past year it added up to around 300 million Euros. An interesting article with a few insights into the Hermit Kingdom, and a lot of relevance on the durability of Volvos.


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